Hymns: Singing glories of the Divine to cultivate devotion


naaham tisthaami vaikunthe, yoginam hrdayesu va I

mad-bhaktaa yatra gayanti   tatra tisthaami naarada II   Padtma Purana 

"O Narada, I do not stay in Vaikuntha, my abode nor am I in the hearts of the yogis. I stay where My devotees sing My glories and transcendental nature."

satatam kirtayanto mam   yatantas ca drdha-vrataah I

namasyantas ca mam bhaktyaa    nitya-yukta upasate  II Bhagavad-Glta 9.14


Always chanting My glories, endeavoring with great determination, bowing down before Me, these great souls perpetually worship Me with devotion.


ekaantino yasya na kancanartham vanchanti ye vai bhagavat-prapannah

aty-adbhutam tac-caritarh sumangalam gayanta ananda-samudra-magnah I Srimad-Bhaagavatam 8.3.20


Unalloyed devotees, who have no desire other than to serve the Lord, worship Him in full surrender and always hear and chant about His activities, which are most wonderful and auspicious. Thus they always merge in an ocean of transcendental bliss. 


aho bata sva-paco 'to gariyan yaj-jihvagre vartate nama tubhyam I

tepus tapas te juhuvuh sasnur arya brahmanucur nama grnanti ye te II Srimad-Bhaagavatam 3.33.7


Oh, how glorious are they whose tongues are chanting Your holy name! Even if born in the families of dog-eaters, such persons are worshipable. Persons who chant the holy name of Your Lordship must have executed all kinds of austerities and fire sacrifices and achieved all the good manners of the aryans. To be chanting the holy name of Your Lordship, they must have bathed at holy places of pilgrimage, studied the Vedas and fulfilled everything required. Srlla Sanatana GosvamI renders an even stronger statement:


yena janma-sataih purvam    vaasudevah samarcitah I

tan-mukhe hari-naamani   sada tisthanti bharata II  Hari-bhakti-vilasa 11.454


Oh descendant of Bharata, he chants the holy name eternally who has previously worshipped Lord Vaasudeva in many lifetimes . 

 tebhyo namo 'stu bhava-vari-dhi-jirnaa-pahka-sammagna-moksana-vicaksana-padukebhyah

krsneti varna-yugalarh sravanena yesam anandathur bhavati nartitaroma-vrndah II Padma Purana


To the devotees of the Lord who are filled with transcendental ecstasy upon hearing the name of Krishna, and makes their hairs dance upright I bow down to them in great joy to the impressions of their lotus feet, which are expert in releasing the poor conditioned souls who are drowning in the ocean of birth and death, stuck in the mud of old age and disease.

evam-vratah sva-priya-nama-kirtya jatanurago druta-citta uccaih

hasaty atho roditi rauti gayaty unmada-van nrtyati loka-bahyah II Srimad-Bhagavatam 11.2.40


By chanting the holy name of the Lord, one comes to the stage of love of Godhead. Then the devotee is fixed in his vow as an eternal servant of the Lord, and he gradually becomes very much attached to a particular name and form of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. As his heart melts with ecstatic love, he laughs very loudly, cries, or shouts. Sometimes he sings and dances like a madman, for he is indifferent to public opinion.


sraddhaya helaya nama    ratanti mama jantavah

tesam nama sada partha    vartate hrdaye mama II Adi Purana 


O Partha,  the name of those will remain forever in My heart who repeat my name out of one pointed devotion or casually.