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Caution: A young (not ferocious) Bear was sighted in the Vedanta Retreat. So, please be careful and do not go in the clear-cut area beyond Shiva Point.

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The Vedanta Retreat

           Scappoose, Oregon

Vedanta Temple of Harmony in the lap of Nature

A place of contemplation for the seekers of peace in a serene and beautiful surrounding 

“This Ashrama had been conceived of and planned with the expressed object of presenting to the seekers the fullest opportunity possible to cultivate their spiritual life. Here in the natural setting of quiet and solitude, away from the bustles and hurry of city life, they will be able to cultivate introspection and discipline, to bring out the Divine Perfection within, to its fullest manifestation.”


--- Revered Swami Devatmananda (Head of Vedanta Society of Portland, 1932-54)

You are most welcome to the Vedanta Retreat in Scappoose

(Owned by the Vedanta Society of Portland since 1936 and maintained as per the guidelines of Multnomah County.)

Please experience a unique spiritual environment in a remote, wooded setting, about 25 minutes from downtown Portland, Oregon

Please read the history of the Vedanta Retreat given below to know more about it

 Please note -

  • Please maintain the serenity of this natural shrine. 

    • There is no on-site parking so please park in the limited parking area near the cul de sac

    • Driveways should never be blocked.

    • Adherence to the CDC Guidelines for COVID-19 is expected.

  • All buildings are private and closed to the public, except for special occasions.

  • There is no garbage facility. Please keep this place clean and tidy.

  • Mobile signals may be weak or not available in some places.

  • Please take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footsteps.

  • It is a no-noise zone and Intoxicants are prohibited

  • Please mind an accompanying child/children at all times.

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Trails and shrines are open to visitors from dawn to dusk at one's own risk. Please stay on roads and trails.

 No pets are allowed Please help us protect the spiritual environment of the property, diverse wildlife, and natural ecology.

No hunting or firearm allowed.

No smoking allowed. Open flames, incense, and candles are prohibited.

No bicycles or off-road vehicles are allowed on or off roads and trails.

For more photos of the Vedanta Retreat at Scappoose please see our Current and Historic galleries.

Activities Held at the Retreat

The Retreat serves its members, friends, neighbors, and those from many different spiritual traditions and communities. The Retreat’s mission is to provide a peaceful environment to pray, meditate, or carry out personal practices that move one closer to God. It is a sanctified place made holy by the sincere intentions of hundreds of pilgrims. People from every continent have come to visit and typically have left more fulfilled. 

The Retreat provides a facility for Portland Vedanta Society members to gather often during the year to participate in ancient chants, devotional songs, spiritual talks, and meditations.


On the first Saturday of the month (from April to October), a monthly Karma Yoga is organized from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. with the help of the Friends of Vedanta Retreat. This is a wonderful opportunity to form special bonds with other spiritual seekers and nature lovers as we maintain our Retreat property together. 


Every Fourth of July, the Vedanta Society organizes a gathering called Interfaith Freedom Fest where it invites one or two guest speakers, offers a program focused on Vedantic teachings and another religion, and provides a guided tour of all shrines and trails. 


Three times a year, Antar-Yoga is organized by its members from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Twice a year a program called Unwind in Nature is organized.


Once a year a Yoga program is organized.


If interested in attending any of the above activities, send an email to

The History of the Retreat

The Retreat’s unique mission began in response to a vision attained by Swami Vivekananda when he was traveling in the Swiss Alps in 1896. Swami Vivekananda, after introducing the ancient Vedanta teachings to both the United States and Europe, pondered deeply as to what was needed to promote the spiritual growth of mankind in this present era. Inspiration came to him to establish Ashramas in the West similar to those of the Himalayas. What would make the Western Ashramas unique would be to allow monks and householders, men and women to practice the life as promoted in the Vedantic scriptures.


Swami Devatmananda, the third minister in charge of the Portland Vedanta Society (1932 to 1954), understood Vivekananda’s prescription for the modern world.  Thus, in February of 1936, to commemorate the 100th birth anniversary of Sri Ramakrishna, the 120-acre logged land was purchased. He and the pioneer members of the Portland Vedanta Society planted hundreds of trees, and dozens of flowering shrubs and sacrificed them through the Great Depression to nurture and shape the Retreat. The passion and hard work of the volunteers over the years transformed the formerly clear-cut land into a beautiful forest.


By 1953, they saved the funds necessary to build an octagonal Main Temple and dedicated it to Sri Sarada Devi commemorating Her 100th birth anniversary. Exhausted, and in poor health, Swami Devatmananda returned to India leaving the new Temple building, fledgling plantings, and Society leadership to Swami Aseshananda in 1955. Swami Aseshananda and the Society used the Retreat weekly for many years, increased the planting of hundreds of new trees, and in the mid-1970s, built eight shrines (one for each of the major world spiritual paths), a few meditation sites, and forged trails connecting them. Following Swami Aseshananda’s passing in 1996, Swami Shantarupananda took charge and continued the tradition by blessing those that visited the Retreat until his passing in 2015. Swami Chandrashekharananda arrived on December 29, 2015, and added a few new shrines to the Retreat.


In March 2020, 169 acres of the adjacent property were added to the Vedanta Retreat.

Every spiritual tradition in the world recognizes the importance of solitude in the spiritual journey. The Vedanta Retreat in Scappoose strives to preserve such a space to continue meeting that need.

Please click the link below to watch a video of the various trails and shrines

Please click the link below to read a blog post

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Vedanta Retreat 23000 NW Gilkison Road, Scappoose, OR 97056

Vedanta Society of Portland

1157 SE 55th Ave, Portland, OR 97215

Phone No. 971 302 6918; Email:


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