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Sri Ramakrishna said-

‘It is the realization that God alone is the real and eternal substance and that all else is unreal, transitory, impermanent. And you must cultivate intense zeal for God. You must feel love for Him and be attracted to Him’ One must become mad with love for God to realize God. When one attains ecstatic love of God, one attains such a blissful state that no happiness in the world can come anywhere near it. God-realization is the only precious thing to aspire for in this life.

The Vedanta Society of Portland, OR has the following activities keeping in view the motto of the Vedanta Movement - "For one's own liberation and for the welfare of the world". The Goal of the human life is to realize God. 

  • Monks live a simple life of dedication and service holding purity and poverty as the core values in life.

  • The lay members also serve here with dedication without any expectation of results.

  • To fulfill these goals the following services are rendered here-

    • Primary relief raising funds and collecting food whenever possible and necessary​

    • Serve God in Man project for homeless brothers and sisters.

    • Physical and mental support of our members and those who come in contact with us.

    • Spreading philosophical and scriptural knowledge. 

    • Spiritual services such as worship, guided meditation, Japa-Yajna, and spiritual education

    • Encouraging all who come in contact with us in their spiritual progress.

    • This institution is open to all sincere seekers without discriminating race, or gender and special attention is given to the youth. 

The Vedanta Society of Portland welcomes all to take part in its activities -


At the Vedanta Temple, Portland

  • Sunday lectures - Classes on Bhagavad Gita and other topics.

  • Other classes in a week - Upanishad, Vedanta Philosophy, Sanskrit, and other topics.

  • Daily worship - From 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. in the Vedanta Temple, Portland.

  • Vesper Service - From 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. singing of regular and other songs, reading, and meditation.

  • Reading -  The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna and from 'God Lived with Them' on the birthdays of the direct disciples of Sri Ramakrishna

  • Singing Ramanama - On Sundays after vesper singing.

  • Guided meditation - On Sundays before vesper service.

  • Special worship - On Divine Mother Sri Durga, Sri Kali, Sri Saraswati, and other pujas

  • Birth Anniversary Pujas - Of Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Sarada Devi, Swami Vivekananda,

  • Other celebrations - Ram Navami, Dol Yatra, Buddha Purnima, Guru Purnima, Krishna Janmashtami, Christmas Eve, etc. 

  • Program for Youth  - Monthly meetings of the youth group Awakening Vedantin, They are welcome to meet the Swami and a conference once a year.

  • Program for Children  - Two groups- a Veda Chanting group and a group of young members.

  • Events - Assembly of devotees on various occasions and the annual Membership Meeting.

  • Karma-yoga for devotees - On the Second or third Saturdays of the month monthly Karma-yoga is organized-.

  • Vedanta Choir for singing in a group on special occasions.

  • Library - a library is maintained where about 1200 books are available for the members and other interested people

  • Mother's Cooking Tips - where expert cooks may share their cooking experiences.


At the Vedanta Retreat, Scappoose

  • Events - Interfaith Freedom Fest on July 4.

  • Karma-yoga by the Friends of the Vedanta Retreat - Once a month for plantation, weed removal

  • Antar-yoga by the devotees - Thrice a year

  • Unwind in Nature - Twice a year

  • Karma-yoga by other groups - As and when organized.

  • Yoga - Once a year

  • Bee-keeping - As and when required.

  • Love Nature program - where people share their love for Nature and forests.

It will help our movement if you  

  • Avoid unhealthy food, beverages, and practices.

  • Try to live a righteous and simple life of purity, and integrity following the teachings of the great teachers of mankind.

  • Uphold the integrity and message of the Vedanta Society and the Ramakrishna Order.

  • Cultivate and spread sacredness in the domain of thought, speech, and environment.

  • Fasting - fortnightly on the eleventh day of the lunar month or as convenient.

  • Offer your food to God before eating, perform your action remembering God, and offer the fruits of action to God.

  • Find no faults of others


In fact, fasting and other disciplines help the practicing person. Since the Vedanta Movement is nothing but our devotees. So, if its devotees are following a decent, healthy, righteous, and moral life naturally the Vedanta Movement will be supported by them.


Regarding Upavas (fasting)-

1. Any fasting helps health-conscious people by cleansing their systems. When the system is cleaned periodically naturally such a system will help the spiritual aspirants to concentrate on their chosen ideal. 


2. The Moon influences the ocean and causes the ebb and tide. It influences the flowering and fruiting patterns. It is also admitted that craziness increases in crazy people on the new moon and on the full moon days. Though the influence of the moon on our mind may not be perceived by our five senses, it certainly influences us and the earth by its gravity. The biggest Tsunami and many Tsunamis and earthquakes happened either on the full-moon day or on the new-moon day because of the combined gravitational pulls.


3. A few quotations are given below from the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna

1. "The following day was Tuesday, the Ekadasi day of the lunar fortnight. It was eleven o'clock in the morning and the Master had not yet taken his meal. M., Rākhāl, and other devotees were sitting in the Master's room.

MASTER (to M.): "One should fast on the eleventh day of the lunar fortnight. That purifies the mind and helps one to develop the love of God. Isn't that so?"

M: "Yes, sir."

MASTER: "But you may take the milk and puffed rice. Don't you think so?"


2. MASTER (to M.): "If you practice only a little, someone will come forward to tell you the right path. Observe the Ekadasi.


3. (To Manilal) "Keshab Sen's mother came here the other day. The young boys of her family sang the name of Hari. She went around them clapping her hands. I noticed she was not very much stricken with grief over Keshab's death. She observed the fast of Ekadasi here and counted her beads. I was pleased to see her devotion to God."


4. Different forms of austerity

"People may observe the Ekadasi in three ways. First, the 'waterless'  Ekadasi-they are not permitted to drink even a drop of water. Likewise, an all-renouncing religious mendicant completely gives up all forms of enjoyment. Second, while observing the Ekadasi they take milk and Sandesh. Likewise, a householder devotee keeps in his house simple objects of enjoyment. Third, while observing the Ekadasi they eat Luchi, a kind of deep-fried bread, and Chakka (Curry). They eat their fill. They keep a couple of loaves soaking in milk, which they will eat later on. 


5. .There are two other ways of observing the day. You may eat fruit or take Luchi. and curry. With the Luchi and curry, you may also take slices of bread soaked in milk. (All laugh.)

(Smiling) "Absolute fasting is not possible for you.


"Once I saw Krishnakishore eating Luchi and curry on an Ekadasi day. I said to Hriday, 'Hridu, I want to observe Krishnakishore's Ekadasi!' (All laugh.) And so I did one day. I ate my fill. The next day I had to fast." (Laughter.) 



Our services depend on the help received from our members and volunteers.

The programs and day-to-day operations of our center are supported by the selfless services of our volunteers. Services may be offered through Karma Yoga collectively or separately.

  • Selfless service is uplifting, so volunteer some service to the Vedanta Society.  

  • Pledge monthly dues whatever is convenient to you.  No pledge is too small.

Opportunities for service include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Teaching Sunday School

  • Participating in developing personality and helping others to do so.

  • Ushering for Sunday Spiritual Talks and public celebrations

  • Organizing a choir

  • Editing and uploading video and audio recordings

  • Library upkeep.

  • Book-shop management 

  • Assisting with organizing and assisting with the many yearly celebrations and programs

  • Gardening


For a complete program of classes, lectures, and events offered at the Portland Temple, see our Calendar.


Please note: The summer recess starts in the fourth week of July and ends in the first week of September.

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