The Vedanta Society of Portland welcomes all to take part in its activities -

  • Sunday lectures, classes on Upanishad and other topics.

  • Daily worship and other special worship and functions.

  • Events at the Vedanta Society, including the annual Membership Meeting in October end.

It will help our movement if you  

  • Avoid unhealthy food, beverages and practices.

  • Try to live a righteous and simple life of purity, and integrity following the teachings of great teachers of mankind.

  • Uphold the integrity and message of the Vedanta Society and the Ramakrishna Order.

  • Cultivate and spread sacredness in the domain of thought, speech and environment.

Our services depend on the help received from our members and volunteers.

The programs and day-to-day operations of our center are supported by the selfless service of our volunteers. Service may be offered through a Karma Yoga collectively or separately.

  • Selfless service is uplifting, so volunteer some service to the Vedanta Society.  

  • Pledge monthly dues whatever is  convenient to you.  No pledge is too small.

Opportunities for service include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Teaching Sunday School

  • Ushering for Sunday Spiritual Talks and public celebrations

  • Organizing a choir

  • Editing and uploading video and audio recordings

  • Library upkeep 

  • Assisting with organizing and assisting with the many yearly celebrations and programs

  • Gardening


For a complete program of classes, lectures, and events offered at the Portland Temple, see our Calendar.


Please note: The summer recess starts in the fourth week of July and ends in the first week of September.