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“They alone live, who live for others” - - - Swami Vivekananda

"Our duty to others means helping others; doing good to the world. Why should we do good to the world? Apparently to help the world, but really to help ourselves." [Source] 


The only way of getting our divine nature manifested is by helping others to do the same. [Source]

When we see a man doing good work, helping others, it means that he cannot be confined within the limited circle of "me and mine".[Source]


Please Support this Noble Cause


The Vedanta Society of  Portland established in 1925 for the dissemination of educational, religious, and spiritual truths. Through its facilities, Vedanta Society has endeavored to serve society for the last 98 years by sharing these ideas and teachings and also the harmony in all aspects of life as depicted in the lives and teachings of Sri Ramakrishna. Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi, and Swami Vivekananda.

The Vedanta Retreat was conceived for "presenting to the seekers the fullest opportunity possible to cultivate their spiritual life" "in the natural setting of quiet and solitude, away from the bustles and hurry of city life, they will be able to cultivate introspection and discipline, to bring out the Divine Perfection within, to its fullest manifestation.” 


These facilities are conceived for the betterment of society. This institution is unique and special in the world which is to be saved. For its betterment we need the following:


 1. More space is required to accommodate the devotees during important events.

 2. Due to their age buildings require repairs and maintenance for their upkeep.

 3. Facilities are to be improved/added to keep up with the requirements.


Therefore, we are approaching the generous members of society for raising the required resources.

1st Project: Service to Society Fundraising

for the Vedanta Retreat, Scappoose

To be done: Repair and renovation of the Temple

Through its various services the Vedanta Retreat, Scappoose shared the teachings of religious harmony as mentioned above and has served the seekers of peace and harmony through their personal retreats, self-reflection, interfaith shrines, trails, etc. We run this center mainly for our Interfaith activities. The Temple building was constructed in 1953. It is now about 70 years old and requires major repair and maintenance.


Save the Temple of Harmony in the Lap of Nature


Key Milestones 

  • Estimated requirement $ 105 K 

           Bramananda Hall        $   70 K 

           Roofing                           $   20 K

           Chapel and others       $  15 K

  • Available Fund: 25 K

  • Required Fund: 80 K

  • Work starts in August-September 2022.

  • Fully funded Phase 1 completes by the end of 2022 

How to Donate

You are welcome to donate in following ways-

1. Through agencies like

Fidelity Brokerage Service, Benevity, or your employer like Apple, Intel, etc., for matching the donation.


 2. Through Personal Bank Check 

Please send by mail to the Vedanta Society of Portland, 1157 SE 55th Ave, Portland, OR 97215

3. Through Venmo Our Venmo ID is 


There is no need to have a Venmo account

QR Code for Venmo_edited.jpg

4. Through PayPal Giving Fund 

Please click the link below or Donate button or QR code given below and please send us your receipt(s) and also mention the purpose of your donation.

The PayPal transfers the total amount donated (100%) at the end of the month but we don't get any other information as to who donated and for what purpose the donation was made. There is no need to have a PayPal account.

qr-code for PayPal.jpg

5. Many of us shop online from

Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases to the Vedanta Society of Portland when you shop at There is no extra cost to you. Prices are the same, but it will help the Vedanta Society of Portland because Amazon will donate a portion of its profits to the Vedanta Society.

So, Visit our MakeMeSmile page to learn more:


2nd Project: Save the Abode of Mother

for the Vedanta Temple, at 1157 SE 55th Ave, Portland

Refurbishment and extension of the Temple


For the last 52 years, the hub of these activities has been at the above Temple. It is time for expansion as we find a dearth of space.  


Key Milestones: 

  • Estimated $475k

  • Available Fund: 25 K

  • Required Fund: 150 K

  • Work starts in August-September 2023.

  • Fully funded Phase 2 completes by the end of 2024 




To select the Vedanta Society of Portland as your charity, follow the steps below.

A. Sign in to your Amazon Prime account

Please go to this  link

B. Type into the search bar: Vedanta Portland

It will ask you whether you want to select the Vedanta Society of Portland as your charity, hover over  "Vedanta Society of Portland" and click on it to select it.

C. Now, whenever you shop using a portion of your spending will be donated to the Vedanta Society of Portland.

3rd Project: A refuge to Cultivate Inner Harmony growing for the Vedanta Retreat, Scappoose


Development of retreat facilities and other shrines  

Key Milestones 

  • Estimate to follow after progressing Phase 1 and 2 

  • Work starts in August-September 2024.

  • Fully funded Phase 2 completes by the end of 2025 


We will be completing a century of services. As we approach this auspicious occasion, we invite your help to protect the physical spaces that foster spiritual development and goodwill for the benefit of all people and all beings.

Why Donate in these projects?

The Vedanta Society of Portland is a non-profit organization supported by generous members, friends, admirers, and the appreciative public.


We welcome your active participation in support of its activities and sustained care by volunteering for its maintenance and upkeep.

We also welcome your kind and generous donations for its maintenance.


Your support and donations for the services of the society will be deemed as services to God. They will be tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law and will be humbly acknowledged.


Please be a part of the worldwide Vedanta Movement and thereby come under the guiding care of Sri Ramakrishna, the Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi, and Swami Vivekananda.

Your donations and active support would help the Society to maintain its beautiful Temples, shrines, and grounds located at SE 55th Avenue, Portland, OR, USA, and in the Vedanta Retreat at 23000 Northwest Gilkison Road, Scappoose, OR, USA.


They also will help ensure the dissemination of the wonderful universal and life-giving teachings of Sri Ramakrishna, Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi, Swami Vivekananda, and other world teachers in the larger community. 

You are welcome to contact us at 971 302 6918 for details or if you have any questions.

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