We welcome your generous donation for the services of the society as services to God. To donate please click the donate button below.

Or you are welcome to donate through an agency like Benevity or your employer like Apple, Intel etc who double or match the donation.

You are welcome to contact us if you have any question.

Many of us shop online from Amazon.com.

Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases to Vedanta Society of Portland when you shop on Smile.Amazon.com.There is no extra cost to you. Prices are the same, but it will help the Vedanta Society of Portland because Amazon will donate a portion of their profits to the Vedanta Society.. To select the Vedanta Society of Portland as your charity, follow the steps below.

1. Sign into your Amazon Prime account


2. go to this link https://smile.amazon.com/gp/chpf/search?ref_=smi_ge2_rl_bfgs_rsr&orig=Lz9pZT1VVEY4JmVpbj02NS0xMjE3MDU1JnJlZl89c21pX2V4dF9jaF82NS0xMjE3MDU1X2NsJnJlZl89c21pX2V4dF9jaF82NS0xMjE3MDU1X2Rs&pf_rd_p=219fc4df-465f-441d-a8d4-9ba87e6ea81f&pf_rd_s=ge-start&pf_rd_t=45801&pf_rd_i=homepage&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_r=ESRSFB9JAP0HH6XT0DMP&pf_rd_r=ESRSFB9JAP0HH6XT0DMP&pf_rd_p=219fc4df-465f-441d-a8d4-9ba87e6ea81f


2. Type into the search bar: Vedanta Portland


2. It will ask you whether you want to select the Vedanta Society of Portland as your charity, hover over  "Vedanta Society of Portland" and click on it to select it.


3. Now whenever you shop using https://smile.amazon.com/ a portion of your spending will be donated to the Vedanta Society of Portland.

The Vedanta Society of Portland is a non-profit organization and supported by the generosity of its members, friends and admirers. We welcome your active participation and sustained care to help support our activities and thus be a part of the world-wide Vedanta Movement and thereby come under the guiding care of Sri Ramakrishna, the Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi, and Swami Vivekananda. The donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Please donate online through PayPal securely using any credit card by clicking the button above. There is no need to have a PayPal account. An official receipt will be issued on receipt of the donation. Donations can also be sent by mail to the Vedanta Society of Portland, 1157 SE 55th Ave, Portland, OR 97215.

You are also invited to volunteer your services. Service opportunities include - Gardening, Sunday school facilitation, activity organization etc. Please contact us for details at 971 302 6918 or vedantapdx@gmail.com.

Membership dues also can be sent through PayPal.